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Gili Meno is the smallest of the the Gili Islands and the most peaceful with no night life. There are a few rustic guest house to stay at and a few restaurants and bars over looking the main beach where the boat drops you off.


Gili Meno Bird Park is located just 400m from the beach front of Gili Meno Island. The bird sanctuary has on display over 200 birds including hornbills from Sumatra, peacocks, eagles and parrots with a maze of walkways, great for the kids and bird lovers. They also have on display a Sumatran crocodile, 2 cheeky monkeys and a Gili Meno Komodo Dragon.

Gili Meno Bird Park

Gili Meno Bird Park birds

There is an internet cafe close to Villa Nautilus on the east coast though the connection is very slow as they are still using dial-up connections.

There is a small lake on Gili Meno though not that exciting to see. There are a few basic restaurants close to the lake which are good for watching the sunset. The lake is home to some of the Gili Islands Komodo Dragons though during the day they are usually off sleeping. Best time to see them is early morning or very late afternoon before sunset. These include the Good Heart Steakhouse, The Forest Sunset Gecko and Diana Cafe.

Gili Meno Lake

Snorkeling and scuba diving Gili Meno

Gili Meno is probably one of the best of the Gili Islands to go snorkeling or scuba diving as there are less people so more chance of seeing the amazing marine life.

Gili Meno marine life

Sea turtles Gili Meno

Getting to Gili Meno

From Lombok's Bangsal Habour there is a choice of the public ferry for 10,000Rp per (leaves at 9am, 2pm and 5pm) person. The trip takes around 30 minutes. Expect the boat to be full of boxes of food and drink to be transported to the island plus a load of locals.

Public ferry to Gili Meno

There is a shuttle ferry that leaves Gili Meno everyday to Gili Air and Gili Trawangan for 20,000Rp. The boat leaves for Gili Air at 9.50am and 4.20pm. The boat for Gili Trawangan leaves at 8.50am and 3.20pm.

If you want to charter a boat at anytime you can get pay 175,000Rp to Bangsal harbour on Lombok, 190,000Rp to Gili Trawangan, 180,000Rp to Gili Air and 490,000Rp directly to Senggigi.

See our main Gili Islands webpage for more information about getting to the Gili Islands.

Gili Meno waters



Last updated 27th December 2013

Gili Meno beaches

Accommodation on Gili Meno

Following is a list of hotels, guesthouses, bungalows and resorts on Gili Meno with current prices and contact details.

See a full list of hotels on Gili Meno

The cheapest accommodation on Gili Meno is the shared dorm room at Gili Meno Bird Park which charge 30,000Rp (US$3) per night for a bed with shared bathroom and toilet.

Gili Meno Backpackers

Tao Combo a very chilled out place to stay. Traditional Sasak bungalows overlooking the beach. Backpacker huts from 8 Euros per night (US$11 ), Bungalows from 20 Euros per night (US$28 )

Mallia's Child located on the southeast corner of Gili Meno, with bungalows right on the beach. Prices from 200,000Rp per night (US$20)

Suri Bungalows are just 50m from the main boat ferry on Gili Meno.

Ko-Uchi Bungalows are located right next door to the Gili Meno Bird Park just 300m from the beach front with traditional bungalows.

Jepun Bungalows are located just 70m inland from the boat harbour on Gili Meno. With really nice traditional bungalows.

Jepun Bungalows Gili Meno

Casablanca Hotel and Restaurant is only 40m from the main beach where you get dropped off at the boat harbour.

Royal Reef Resort a luxury resort on Gili Meno. Room rates start from 250,000Rp (US$25) per night

Royal Reef Resort Gili Meno

Biro Meno is a small bungalow resort on the southeastern coast of Gili Meno. Prices from US$25 - US$40 per night.

Gili Meno Bird Park Resort is accommodation just 400m from the main boat harbour, surrounded by a bird sanctuary. The owner fancies the Beatles so the four rooms are named after the Beatle members - John, Paul, George and Ringo. Rates start from US$38+ per night. They also have backpacker dorm accommodation for 40,000Rp per night.

Gili Meno Bird Resort

Kontiki Cottages located just 300m south of the ferry port on Gili Meno. Prices from 275,000Rp per night (US$27) in the low season and 325,000Rp in the high season.

Villa Nautilus Luxury Beachfront Villas located right in the centre of the east coast of Gili Meno. Prices start from US$68 in low season and US$88 in the high season.


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