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Story submitted by Scott from Sydney Australia 6th July 2009

Every time I go to Bali I get a massage every few days especially if Iíve done some long day trips in a bumpy car.

I generally think the traditional Indonesian massage is not the best, though you can find varying types of massages around Bali. I prefer the massages in Thailand, thatís just my preference.

I just wanted to share some of my experiences with massage at various places in Bali.

Sore massage in Kuta

I had spent a whole day traveling around doing a day trip to various locations in a private minibus. At the end of the day my back was very sore so I went for a massage before going out for dinner.

I went into a massage centre and there was only a guy available to do the massage. I do prefer a women to massage me though this guy was a good salesman and said that he did very good massage.

Well this guy gave me the hardest massage Iíve ever hard. It was so hard at times I was yelping in pain. I told him it was hurting though he kept telling me that it was good for me and kept on applying as much pressure as possible. I was in serious pain and kept telling him to ease up. I just lay there and bared it thinking that it probably would do my back good.

The massage finished and I went out for dinner and my back was in more pain then when I had first got out of the minibus at the end of the days traveling. My girlfriend said that it would probably be better in the morning and that it probably did my muscles good.

The next morning I woke up and my back was in sever pain. I really think that it was from the massage and not from the days trip in the minivan. I had to go out looking for another massage centre and chose a girl and specifically told her I wanted a soft massage. This was much better and did help my back though it was several days till my back was out of pain.


Embarrassing massage in Ubud

I went for a massage in a small massage place on Monkey Forest Rd, the main street in Ubud. It wasnít a fancy place though it was clean, cheap and the girl who massaged me very pleasant and gave me a great massage.

She had left the room before the massage for me to undress and lay on the table naked with a towel covering my bum. She was very professional and lifted the towel up for me to roll over for her to massage my front and covered my privates again with the towel. This was not one of those Ďfullí body massages!

When she finished the massage she said she would prepare the shower so I could shower off the oil she had used in the massage. There was a small shower right next to the massage table. She had turned the water on and had a hand held shower head and was adjusting the temperature to make it warm.

She then said ok water is ready for you. I was still laying on the table and looked up and she was standing there with the shower head waiting for me to get up. I hesitated and thought she would have left the room for me to shower. She just stood there and waited for me to get up. I felt a bit embarrassed getting up naked though got up and stood in the small tub and she proceeded to use the hand held shower head to wash me. I had my back to her and she started rubbing soap all over me to get the oil off. As a normal male this was a bit arousing for me and I did start to get a bit barred up. She asked me to turn around which made me even more embarrassed. I hesitantly turned around knowing she would see my bulge. She sure did notice it. She handed me the soap to wash my front though was having a good look at my semi erection and looked up at me and smiled.

She turned the water off and got a towel and dried my back then handed me the towel to dry my front. She then left the room for me to get dressed.

I donít think this is typical in the massage places as I have had a lot of massages and never experienced anything like this before. There was nothing naughty about it as there was never any suggestion of extra services and was nice to have the oil washed off my back though a bit embarrassing though she seemed to enjoy the show I gave her.

Unusual wall ornaments in Ubud massage centre

I went for another massage in a different massage place a few days later. I was a bit embarrassed to go back to the same place.

I was laying on the table and looked up on the wall and there was a really nice ornament of a large gecko lizard hung on the wall. It was about 10 times as big as the normal gecko in Bali.

As I was admiring the ornament it started walking along the walk. My god, it was real and not an ornament. It took a few steps then darted off out of sight. This was a monster gecko and I was amazed at how it had clung to wall being so big. Probably about as big as a blue tongue lizard here in Australia.


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