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Story submitted by Phil 7th July 2009

It has been 10 years since Iíve been to Jakarta though I remember the night life to be particularly good. Iíve read a fair few articles on the internet lately saying that it is still good with very large nightclubs and bars playing great music, a lot with live bands.

I had gone to visit a friend who worked for the same company as me who had been relocated to Jakarta for 12 months. I had never been to Indonesia so didnít know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

He had already been living there for 6 months and had time to check out a lot of places so probably took me to the best places.

The first place he took me to I canít remember the name of. It was in the top floor of what I believe was called the World Trade Centre or World Trade Square. Does anyone know of this place? The nightclub took up the whole floor of this building and played amazing music and was jammed packed. Very easy to get lost in there.

He then took me to probably the biggest nightclub Iíve ever been to Ė Stadium. This place is huge. 4 different floors with different music playing. From the bottom floor you can look up through an open roof to the different floors. Very cool place though mega mega loud music so difficult to talk to anyone here.

One of the most amazing places he took me too, probably not the best place, though my mate said he had to take me to for me to believe what it was like. This place was called Tanamur. Before I even got there he told me it was the biggest pick up joint in all of Jakarta and he was not wrong.

I was pleasantly shocked at all the young Indonesian girls scantily dressed. And I thought this was supposed to be a conservative muslim country! Ha ha.

We perched ourselves at a high table looking over at the dance floor and just watched the human traffic go by. Iím sure this place hasnít changed. It is supposed to be one of the oldest nightclubs in Jakarta and still going strong. Back then this place was wild, great music, dance floor packed and my favourite Ė women dancing in cages above the dance floor, quality entertainment.

This place has a real mixed crowd. Lots of women dressed up either dancing away, or standing around checking out the men. There is a real mixture of young Indonesian men from different backgrounds. You can see those that have a bit of money, dressed really well and others just dressed casually in cheap t-shirts and pants. And then there are the typical expat men that you find all over Asia.

I really like to watch people and these expat men never cease to amaze me. A lot of them middle aged, fat, balding men, who wouldnít get a second look from a women in their home country. They seem to be oblivious to the fact the young Indonesian women look past their looks and chat to them to determine if they have any money! I guess a lot of the girls there were actually working girls, though I didnít really ask around to find out.

I went for a walk around the place by myself to do more people watching. As I was walking along past the dance floor, some small petite girl just jumped onto my back. A bit of a surprise. She climbed down and said hello. I greeted her in my very very basic Indonesian saying good evening, how are you? And asking her name. She said wow, usually western men not try to speak Indonesian. I think it is polite to try to learn the local language even if only there for a short time.

She came and joined me for a drink. She was a very good looking girl, with hardly any clothes on. A tiny little mini skirt and a cut off top exposing her belly and her ample cleavage. I asked what she did for work. She pointed to one of the cages and said I work there! Ha I was talking to one of the cage dances. Funny stuff.

I hope I can get back to Jakarta again some time. I'm sure alot of the middle aged, fat, balding expat men are still at the same bars, now just old, fat and completely bald! Go you old guys!



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