Moray Eels Bunaken Marine Park

Moray Eels

There are a number of different types of Moray Eels found in the Bunaken National Marine Park. The different species of Moray Eels include:
Giant Moray Eels
Spotted Moray Eels
Black Spotted Moray Eels
White Margined Moray Eels
White Mouthed Moray Eels

The best place to spot the Moray eels are on the walls that slope down rather than the vertical walls. The best dive spot in Bunaken Marine Park to see Moray Eels is at Sachiko's Point on the eastern coast of Bunaken Island. Read more about the Scuba Diving in Bunaken Marine Park.

There are also quite a few different species of ribbon eels living within Bunaken Marine Park.

These pictures and video below are of Moray Eels in the Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi Indonesia.

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