Trawangan Coral Gardens Scuba Diving Site Gili Islands

The Coral Gardens is an amazing scuba dive site located off the north east coast of Gili Trawangan in the Gili Islands Lombok.

There is such a huge variety of hard and soft corals and hundreds of different species of fish and other marine life.

The waters around the coral gardens are mostly gentle with very little current so suitable for beginners to experienced divers.

It is best to dive at Coral Gardens in the morning as later in the afternoon the current becomes stronger.

Expect to see lots of different types of fish including butterfly fish, angel fish, lionfish, Trumpetfish, Pufferfish, Bearded Scorpionfish, Peacock Groupers as well as other marine life like reef octopus, moral eels, ribbon eels, reef sharks and stingrays.


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