Meno Wall Scuba Diving Site Gili Islands

Meno Wall is a great dive site on the north west coast of Gili Meno in the Gili Islands. A verticle wall that starts at around 8 meters depth and goes to around 22 meters with a sandy bottom. There is a huge variety of marine life living along the wall. Also make sure to have a look out to the deep water for your chance to see some sharks.

There are good examples of soft corals and hard corals growing along the Meno wall. Expect to see a variety of fish including clownfish, anenomae fish, schools of sweetlips, lionfish, peacock groupers. Other marine life include eels, crabs, giant moral eels, lobster and shrimp.

As with most dive sites around the Gili Islands there are plenty of turtles swimming about and feeding around the Meno Wall dive site.

This is a popular afternoon dive site and also suitable for night dives.


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