Scuba Diving Site Trawangan House ReefGili Islands

The Trawangan House Reef is an easy dive site located a short swim from the beach just south of the Gili Trawangan harbour. Many of the dive schools in that area use the house reef for beginner divers for their first few open water dives, also for students doing their first night dive. The reef starts at around 8 meters depth and travels down to around 22 meters.

There are a few artificial reefs which have been built at this site with some good coral growth. You will find some good growth of hard and soft corals growing on the artificial reefs.

The water around the house reef are gentle with hardly any current most of the time. The biggest danger in this area is the boats coming into the harbour. Also surface as close to the beach as possible and always be aware of boats while coming to the surface.

Even though the house reef is the closest reef to the central part of Gili Trawangan with lots of boats passing by there is still lots of interesting marine life to see including moral eels, ribbon eels, a huge variety of fish like trumpetfish and lots of different types of nudibranches.

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