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Ambon, is the provincial capital of Maluku, a chain of around 1,000 islands (some claim 999 others 1029) extending over 851,000 square kilometers of which only 10 percent is land.

This chain of islands show diverse change from the Sunda Islands to the west and the Sahul zone to the east. Some of the islands are volcanic regions covered with luxurious vegetation, and others are surrounded with some of the finest coral reefs and atolls, with the softest sand and blue waters, beaches lined with swaying palms to make up some of the finest beaches in the world. One of the most popular beaches is Natsepa, at Baguala, 17 kilometers from Ambon Town.

Ambon Town started as a tiny Portuguese trading post more than 400 years ago, and grew in size and became the centre of the clove trade under the Dutch.

On the east coast of Ambon are 2 good beaches for swimming, Liang Beach and Waihura which are close to the town of Honimua. From Honimua you can also get a speedboat across to the small island of Pombo Island which has some great spots for snorkeling and scuba diving around beautiful shallow reefs. On the northeast coast of Pombo Island, Satan's Cape is the best place for scuba diving with drop-off reefs, spectacular overhangs, caves and deep clefts.








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Liang Beach Ambon

Liang Beach East coast of Ambon

How to get to Ambon

Ambon's airport is Pattimura (code AMQ). Pattimura airport is serviced by the following airlines:

Lion Air has direct flights to Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Fak Fak, Kaimana, Langgur, Sorong, and Makassar. www.lionair.co.id

Wings Air has direct flights to Makassar, Manado  and Surabaya.

Merpati Nusantara Airlines has direct flights to Jakarta and Surabaya as well as flights to Amahai, Bandanaera, Kisar, Langgur, Manado, Namlea, Saumlaki and Ternate. www.merpati.co.id

Batavia Air has direct flights from Ambon to Jakarta and Surabaya. www.batavia-air.co.id

Sriwijaya Air has direct flights from Ambon to Jakarta and Makasaar. www.sriwijayaair-online.com

Kartika Airlines have direct flights from Ambon to Medan, Manado, Sorong, Makassar and Cangkareng. www.kartika-airlines.com

AirAsia begins direct flights from Ambon to and from Kuala Lumpur early 2009. www.airasia.com

Accommodation / Hotels on Ambon

Manise Hotel is a 3 star hotel located in Ambon Town. Prices from 400,000Rp (US$34).



Aman's Hotel located in the centre of Ambon Town. Prices start from US$37 per night.
















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