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Anda Bungalows and Restaurant is located on the main road of Kuta Lombok just across from the beach. At Anda Bungalows there is a choice of rooms with either fan or air-conditioning. At the hotel they have available massage and reflexology.


Anda Bungalows has it's own restaurant or there are several other hotels within walking distance with restaurants for a bit of variety.

2010 Room Prices in Rupiah


Standard room with fan    70,000Rp per night


Air-conditioned room       125,000Rp per night


Prices include taxes and breakfast.


Contact Details


Anda Bungalow and Restaurant

Jalan Raya


Lombok Indonesia


Ph: +62 370 655 049 or 654 836



Last updated 2nd January 2009


Anda Bungalows Kuta Lombom

Anda Bungalows

Anda Bungalows room


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