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Batam Island or Pulau Batam is part of the Riau Province of Sumatra though it is closer to Singapore, just a 45 minute ferry ride.

As Batam is so close to Singapore many hotels, restaurants and shops accept Singapore dollars as well as Indonesian Rupiah.


Beach Resorts on Batam

A number of beach resorts have been constructed over the last 10 years offering some relax time away from a busy life. They offer water sports facilities like kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing and banana boat rides.

The water quality is not the best on Batam because it is on the busy shipping lanes between Batam and Singapore. Though the beach resorts all have excellent swimming pool.

For more information about the Beach resorts available check out our Where to Stay page.

One of the nicest beaches is on the next island across from Batam, Galang Island which is connected to Batam via the Barelang Bridge. Melur Beach has white sandy beaches and relatively clear water. Takes about an hour to get to from Nagoya.

Golf course in Batam

There are 6 golf course to choose from on Batam Island. There are a selection of 18 hole courses with varying difficulty. Most offer accommodation and golf packages:

Cable Skiing in Batam

A new complex has opened up at Waterfront City offering the sport of Cable Skiing. Prices start from S$20 (US$13). Half day and full day packages are available including lunch.

Go-Karting in Batam

Close to Waterfront City and next door to Harris Resort is a go-karting track.

Getting around Batam

Batam island is not that large so relatively cheap to get a taxi though it is much cheaper (though a lot slower) to get any of the mini-bus services that go to the various places on the island. The mini-buses will have a sign at the front stating their destination. A mini-bus from Nagoya to Nongsa is 10,000Rp (US$0.80) compared to around 120,000Rp (US$10) for a taxi.

Car Rental

There are only a few car rental companies in Batam. As the island is so small most people rely on taxi's or mini-bus.

Batam Transport located at Batam Centre have a range of cars to hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Prices from S$50 (US$33) for self drive or S$68 (US$45) including a driver.

Batam Car Rent can deliver your car to your hotel. RV's start from S$80 (US$52) for self drive or S$110 (US$72) including a driver.




For more information about Batam and the Riau Islands check out Batam - Sumatra Indonesia.


Last updated 20th May 2009

Beach Resort in Nongsa Batam

Beach Resort in Nongsa, Batam

Sightseeing in Batam

One of the more interesting sites to see is the Galang Vietnamese Refugee Camp which is located on the neighbouring island Pulau Galang. It's around a 45 minute trip from Nagoya, crossing the Beralang Bridge which connects Batam to a few of the neighbouring small islands. The Galang Refugee Camp was home to 20,000 Vietnamese refugees between 1979 and 1995. The refugees were relocated and the camp remains pretty much untouched since then.

Baraleng Bridge Connecting Batam to Pulau Galang

Barelang Bridge

Eating in Batam

Batam has a good selection of restaurants around the island. There are plenty of Indonesian warungs selling traditional Indonesian food including bakso, Padang food, soto and a variety of seafood.

International food including Japanese and Korean and there is no shortage of fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC.

Nightlife in Batam

Within the main town of Nagoya on Batam Island is a good selection of pubs, bars, karaoke and nightclubs.

Majority of the pubs and bars are located within the same area surrounded by the Harmoni Hotel and Goodway Hotel. Pubs and bars like the Last Pub, Ice Pub and Lusy's Tavern offer a selection of reasonably priced drinks and food.

Many of the hotels in Nagoya have a bar or karaoke club or the larger hotels have a nightclub. The largest of these is The Pacific which operates every night until very early in the morning. Also Maxim Nightclub located just opposite Hotel Pelita offers late night entertainment.

Massage and Spas in Batam

Batam has some great massage centers and health spa's for relaxing and rejuvenating.

You can get an hour long massage for as little as 70,000Rp (US$6). The larger hotels offer massage within your room though there are plenty of massage parlors located in Nagoya which offer a professional massage service.

Here are some of the best massage centres in Nagoya:

Sport Massage Centre and Spa has several massage centres around Nagoya. The most centre is just down from Goodway Hotel or across from Harmoni Hotel on Jl Imam Bonjol. A 60 minute traditional massage is 90,000RP and for a 90 minute massage it is 120,000Rp (US$10). Ph: (0778) 425 889 or 459 639. Generally no need to make an appointment.

Win's Spa and Hairdressing is for ladies only. Offer Spa and sauna, hair dressing, facials, manicure and pedicure and waxing. Located behind Harmoni Hotel Ph: (0778) 454 798.

Beauty Moon Health Massage Centre located a few doors down from Win's Spa behind Harmoni Hotel. Offer Thai and traditional massage, spa, sauna, aroma therapy and foot reflexology. Traditional massage from 75,000Rp for one hour. Ph:(0778) 454 110 Open 9am - 11pm.

Isabella Massage House is located just behind the Matahari Mall in Nagoya. Offer 2 hour body scrub and massage for 150,000Rp (US$14 ) or a 2 hour traditional Balinese massage for 120,000Rp (US$11).























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