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Canggu is located just north of Seminyak in Bali, around a 25 minute drive from the heart of Seminyak. Canggu is an up and coming area which has become popular with surfers. Development at Canggu is increasing with many new hotels, beach side resorts and quiet, private villas opening. Canggu is quieter than Seminyak though has many nice restaurants along the coastline over looking the beach and throughout the many villages in the Canggu area.

Canggu Bali - Echo Beach

Echo Beach Canggu Bali

Canggu is still nice and peaceful, away from noisy Kuta. There are still lots of natural Bali to be found, with wide open spaces and beautiful rice paddies. It takes around 40 minutes to get to Canggu from Bali's international airport. The taxis from the airport have a fixed price of 135,000Rp to take you to Canggu. To get a taxi from Canggu back to the airport, using the taxi meter will cost around 90,000Rp - 100,000Rp.

Canggu Bali rice paddy

Echo Beach Canggu Bali Indonesia

There are a few beachs located along the coast of Canggu. The beaches along the coast of Canggu include Batubelig Beach, Berawa Beach, Prancak Beach, Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach (which people also call Canggu Beach) and Echo Beach. There is good surfing at these beaches and most sections are fairly desserted. The most popular beach for surfing is Echo Beach and is known to have the best surf breaks in Bali.

This stretch of sand along the Canggu coast makes up an excellent coastal walk passing by all of these 6 beaches. Lots of little cafes have been opening along the beaches so plenty of places to stop for a coffee or a bit to eat. The walk from Batubelig Beach to Echo beach is 4kms and can take around 1 hour or more depending on how many stops you make. There are also a number of smaller temples next to the beaches.

Horse riding in Canggu

The quiet beaches along the coast at Canggu is perfect for horse riding. There are several places you can hire horses to take a ride along the beach.Bali Horse Adventure offering horse riding lessons as well as horse riding along the beach in Canggu as well as horse trekking inland. Ponies are available for children.

Canggu Horse riding  Horse riding in Canggu Bali


Learn to Surf in Canggu

The beaches in Canggu have the perfect conditions for learning to surf, the beach breaks and small easy waves make it a great place for beginnings. For professional surfing lessons check out Canggu Surf School. They offer 1 instructor for 2 students so you get the maximum attention to learn how to surf quickly. They have lessons daily at 9am and 2pm.

Canggu Surf School learn to surf in Canggu Bali

Cooking Classes in Canggu

There are a number of places that give cooking classes for you to learn to cook traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes. Spend a morning or afternoon learning to cook. Sate Bali Restaurant down at Echo Beach has cooking classes in the evenings. Learn to cook some dishes then sit down for dinner and eat what you created. Phone Sate Bali Restaurant on (0361) 853 3626.

Cooking classes in Canggu Bali

Golf Course Close to Canggu

Just north off the Canggu area, around a 6 kilometer drive is Nirwana Bali Golf Club with an 18 hole golf course right along the coast with amazing views out over the ocean. There is a massage spa at the golf club offering a range of massages, facials, body scrubs and other beauty care. There is also a number of restaurants to choose from including Belissimo Italian Restaurant, a Balinese restaurant whichh has free dance performances of the traditional Balinese Legong Dance and the there is a seafood beach barbeque available.

Right next to Nirwana Bali Golf Club is the Tanah Lot Temple which is one of the most famous temples in Bali. The temple is constructed on a large rock juttling out to the sea. At high tide the temple is surrounded by water. The best time to visit the temple is late afternoon in get some great photos of the temple at sunset. Luxury accomodation is available next to the Golf Club in the Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort.

Tanah Lot Temple close to Canggu
Tanah Lot Temple close to Canggu Bali

Restaurants in Canggu

There are lots of restaurants to choose from in Canggu. A lot of the restauants are located down near Echo Beach though there are plenty more restaurants scattered through the various villages. There is a range of restuarants serving traditional Balinese and Indonesian cuisine or lots serving Western food including pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches. There is also a large food court down near Echo Beach with lots of food vendors to choose from. You will find some of the cheapest seafood at Echo Beach food court. For a full list of restaurants in Canggu click here.

Food court at Canggu Echo Beach  BBQ seafood at Echo Beach Canggu food court


Massage in Canggu

There are a few good quality massage spas in Canggu. One in the main road is called Therapy Spa, located on Jalan Pantai Sentosa down near Echo Beach, right next door to Ginger Snap Men's Fashion store. Therapy offers massage and beauty therapy treatments, waxing. Prices for the different massage spa's in Canggu vary. The smaller ones are the cheapest and you will get a good massage here. The more luxurious spas will charge a premium as you have the extra facilities like sauna, steamroom and more well trained staff.

Here is a guideline for what you will pay at the smaller massage spas for the different types of massages and beauty treatments - 1 hour traditional Balinese massage or Japanese shiatsu massage 50,000Rp, 1 hour aromatherapy massage 55,000Rp, 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage 40,000Rp, 30 minute foot massage 50,000Rp. Some of the beauty body care treatments include body scrub, foot scrub, ear candle or after sun wrap for 40,000Rp, 30 minute facials from 30,000Rp, 30 minute manicures for 40,000Rp or 30 minute pedicure for 50,000Rp. Other services include waxing, hair treatments and hair braiding.

The Jepun Beach Spa is located close to Batubelig Beach and offers services at similar prices listed above. Open 10am - 9pm 7 days a week they offer massage, body rub, manicure, pedicure, facials, waxing, hair braiding, hair treatments and offer package deals for multipe treatments.

Jepen Beach Spa at Batubelig Beach Canggu

Shopping in Canggu

There is not a main shopping area in Canggu like you will find in Kuta or Seminyak though there are some very cool shops scattered around Canggu selling arts and crafts, hand made clothing, local artist paintings, swimwear shops and surf shops.

Desa Seni Art Village - is a small village in Canggu which has attracted a lot of local artists. Desi Seni actually means 'art village'. In this area you will find lots of local arts and crafts including paintings, sculptures as well as small markets selling organic fruit and vegetables. In Desa Seni they also hold Yoga classes. There is also accommodation called Desa Seni Eco Village Resort.

Canggu Plaza is a small shopping mall in the heart of Canggu with a few specialty shops including Angels and Devils Teen and Kids fashion, a beauty therapy shop, 3 ATMS for cash withdrawal from BCA, BNI and Danomon Banks and has a few restaurants including Bossa Nova Brazilian Churrascaria Grill Restaurant, Trattoria Cucina Italiana Restaurant and Suksema Sushi Restaurant.

Canggu Plaza shopping mall in Canggu Bali

In of the more interesting shops is Deus Ex Machina which sells a bit of everything. They have push bikes and motor bikes for hire, an art gallery with a range of different paintings, they sell clothing and books and they have their own restaurant onsite selling delicious food. Deus Ex Machina Cafe is located on Jalan Batu Mejan No 8 Canggu.

Shopping in Canggu - Deus Ex Machina art gallery Canggu

Art Gallery at Canggu Bali

Some of the other shops in the Canggu area include Ginger Snap Men's Fashion (wholesale and retail store), Flow and Yonder Canggu Surf Co, located upstairs it sells a range of surf boards, swimwear, bikinis and surf fashion clothing. The Beach Shops down near Echo Beach sells a great range of designer bikinis and not far from there is Quiksilver surf shop.

Ginger Snap Men's Fashion Shop Canggu    Flow and Yonder Canggu Surf Co

The Beach Shop bikini store Echo Beach Canggu shopping   quiksilver Surf shop Echo Beach Canggu Bali


Hotels in Canggu

Development is happening fast around the Canggu area and new hotels and villas are opening regularly. There are now over 100 hundred hotels or villas through the area. Some of these hotels are down near Echo Beach or Batubelig Beach and others are a little bit inland in the rural villages which are surrounded by rice paddys.

Check out a full list of hotel in Canggu

Recommended Hotels in Canggu

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