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The capital of Central Kalimantan is Palangkaraya meaning 'sacred place'. The people of Palangkaraya speak a combination of Bahasa Indonesia as well as Bahasa Dayak.

The local Dayak people had been ruled by the muslim people from Banjarmasin until they were granted independence in 1957 and was established as a self-ruling province.

There a number of large towns in Central Kalimantan including Palangkaraya, the capital of the province, as well as Sampit and Pangkalanbun. The roads in Central Kalimantan are generally in good condition, better than most places in Indonesia though travel is still slow because of traffic.


Tanjung Puting National Park can be reached from Pangkalanbun. Tanjung Puting National Park is on a peninsula that juts out into the Java sea and has several Orangutan rehabilitation centers include Camp Leakey.

Rivers in Central Kalimantan (Sungai)

There are a number of large river is in Central Kalimantan including the Barito River (900km), the Kahayan River (600km), the Kapuas River (600km), the Sampit River, the Katingan River(600km), the Seruyan River (350km), the Lamandau River (300km), the Arut River (250km) and the Sebangau River (200km)

As with most of Kalimantan, the river systems is used for transportation as some times much quicker than going via road.

Mountains in Central Kalimantan

There are 4 mountains in Central Kalimantan - Gunung Kengkabang, Gunung Samiajang, Gunung Jiang Pahang and Gunung Ulu Gedang.

Central Kalimantan is divided into 13 regencies listed below with their respective capitals:

  • South Barito (Buntok)
  • East Barito (Tamiang Layang)
  • North Barito (Muara Teweh)
  • Gunung Mas (Kuala Kurun)
  • Kapuas (Kuala Kapuas)
  • Katingan (Kasongan)
  • West Kotawaringin (Pangkalan Bun)
  • East Kotawaringin (Sampit)
  • Lamandau (Nanga Bulik)
  • Murung Raya (Puruk Cahu)
  • Pulang Pisau (Pulang Pisau)
  • Sukamara (Sukamara)
  • Seruyan (Kuala Pembuang)


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Gardens infront of Istana Kuning Pangkalanbun

Kuning Palace Pangkalanbun

Marsh lands Central Kalimantan

A large portion of Central Kalimantan's geography is marsh lands, especially along the coast line. Further inland the land rises to the mountain and the landscape changes to rainforest.



























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