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Chakranegara is the second largest city in Lombok after Mataram is often just referred to as Chakra.. The city has grown in recent years so now the boundaries of Mataram and Chakranegara are joined. On the other side of Mataram, also joined is the other main city of Lombok, Ampenan. The 3 cities join together to form an urban sprawl of shops, restaurants, residential areas and administrative centres.


Chakranegara is Lombok's main shopping area. The population is made up of local people from Lombok and around 50% of the population is Chinese and Balinese.

In Chakranegara is are countless gold shops, sporting goods, clothing stores and very good fabric stores selling imported silks, laces and cotton goods. There are also stores selling the locally made weaving and basket goods. Just to the left of the central traffic lights in Chakra is the market place.

Chakranegara also has a number of good travel agents which sell cheap airfares to all over Indonesia.

Just sout of Chakra is Sweta which has a huge market place everyday located right next to the Bertais bus terminal. There are all sorts of goods sold here including food, clothing, exotic birds, handicrafts and more.


Last updated 3rd January 2010

Chakranegara Hindu Temple

Chakranegara has the largest Hindu temple in Lombok. With 3 seperate areas and 3 main temple towers that represent the 3 main gods of Hinduism - Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva.

Chakra Hindu Temple

When you visit the temple you are shown around by a local guide. You need to wear a special sash that is tied around your waist to show respect. A small donation is made to the temple for the time and information your guide gives you.








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