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Flores Island (Laut Flores) is part of the Nusa Tenggara Islands which is made up for 566 islands including Lombok, Sumbawa Besar and. Komodo Island. 320 of the islands are so small they do not have names.

Flores is 360 Kilometers long and varies from 12 to 70 kilometers wide. It's geography is made up of dramatic volcanoes, beautiful mountain lakes, grassy savannahs and mountain forests.

Flores hit the news several years ago when scientists discovered the remains of a new and tiny species of human (Homo floresiensis) dating back to 12,000 - 18,000 years ago. This species was nick named the Hobbit and debates went on whether is was a different species or a group of humans dwarfed due to disease. The skeletons proved these people, fully grown, grew to about 1 meter in height. Other animal remains have been found showing signs of miniature size including tiny elephants.


Ende is the largest town of Flores, located on the south coast. Within Ende, south of the old port are numerous narrow streets lined with shops.

About 40 kilometers from Ende are the Three Coloured Crater Lakes. These consist of three volcanic craters, each filled with a different colour. To trek up to the crater lakes you leave from Moni Village which is on the Ende-Maumere highway.

Maumere on the north coast of Flores is the communication and business hub. The villages south of Maumere have some sites including the Bikon Blewut Museum at Ledalero village, ikat weaving in the village of Sikka and Lekabai village has a sacred spot reserved for the worship of ancestors.

Labuhanbajo or Labuan Bajo, on the northwest coast of Flores is fast being developed with beach resorts overlooking white sandy beaches with many islands off the coast for exploring.

East of Labuan Bajo is the town of Ruteng which is the capital of the Manggarai district. Around this area are beautiful mountains and valleys with the largest rice crops on the island. This area is also one of the largest coffee producers in Indonesia.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Flores

There are good snorkeling spots not far from Maumere within the Maumere Bay.

Along the north coast are some great spots of snorkeling and scuba diving, within the Seventeen Island National Park. Close to Riung are spectacular coral gardens. On the island of Untelue within the Seventeen Island National Park there are thousand of flying foxes.

The coast of Labuan Bajo, and the many islands of it's coast have excellent spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. From here you can also take ferries and boat cruises to Komodo and it's surrounding islands.














Last updated 13th July 2009

Flores Island

How to get to Flores Island

Flores can be reached by air or via boat from Bali and Lombok.

Flights to Labuan Bajo

The following airlines have flights to Labuan Bajo in Flores:

Merparti Air fly directly from Denpasar and Surabaya to Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Trigana Air fly directly from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Lion Air fly directly from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Batavia Air fly from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo via Surabaya.

Silk Air fly directly from Singapore to Labuan Bajo daily.

Garuda Indonesia fly directly from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo daily.

Flights to Maumere and Ende

Merpati Air has direct flights from Denpasar to Maumere and Ende.

Accommodation / Hotels on Flores

There are limited hotels, guesthouses and resorts on Flores Island. Most of the accommodation are small businesses run by the locals. Here are prices and contact details for some of the hotels and resorts:

Hotels in Maumere Flores

Flores Sao Resort or Sao Wisata is located on Waira Beach, 10km from Maumere. Prices from US$15

Sea World Club Beach and Dive Resort located with the Maumere Bay. Prices from US$25 per night. They offer various excursions including snorkeling and diving trips as well as to Komodo Island.

Labuhanbanjo Hotels and Losmen

Labuhanbanjo or Labuan Bajo is located on the western coast of Flores, closest point to Komodo National Park.

Gardena Hotel a budget hotel located in Labuan Bajo. Prices from US$9 - US$15 per night. Address Jl. Yos Sudarso Labuan Bajo. Ph: +62 813 3949 5244 (cell phone so can access SMS for reseravations).


Seraya Island Bungalows are located on Seraya Island (Seraya Kecil) which is off the coast and around 10km north of Labuan Bajo. Prices start at 120,000Rp (US$12) in the low season for a single room.

Golo Hilltop Hotel is a family run hotel 5 minutes walk from the beach. Prices from 175,000Rp (US$15) per night.

Puri Komodo Resort on the northwest tip of Flores set in a tropical garden with private villas.

Bayview Gardens Hotel is a small boutique family run hotel located up the hill overlooking the Bay of Labuan Bajo. Prices from 25 Euros per night (US$32).

Bajo Komodo Eco Lodge near Labuan Bojo

Prices start from 650,000Rp (US$55) per night

Telephone: +62 (0) 385 41391

Fax: +62 (0) 385 41452




Grand Flores Hotel


Puri Sari Beach Hotel located on Pede Beach just 10 minutes walk into the centre of Labuan Bajo. Room rates from US$70 low season to and US$75 peak season.


Bintang Flores Hotel is a 4 star hotel situated on it's own private beach in Labuanbajo. Prices from US$85 per night plus taxes.




For a list of cheaper Losmen accommodation with addresses and contact details check out


For discounted reservations contact or















































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