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Gili Trawangan is the largest and most developed of the Gili Islands. The southern part and northeast coast of the island is the most developed, with the beach lined with bungalows and home stays.

Along with the numerous places to stay comes some good tourist infrastructure including qualified PADI dive instructors to take you diving or teach your a PADI dive course. Read more about Scuba Diving Gili Islands

Along with great scuba diving locations there are plenty of places for snorkeling as well. The best spot for snorkeling is the northeast coast of Gili Trawangan. You can hire snorkel equipment at most hotels or guesthouses for around 25,000Rp for the day.

It's pleasant to visit Gili Trawangan all year round though the wet season (November through to March) does have more rain.

The High tourist season is between July and September and also December and January.

Turtle Conservation on Gili Trawangan

There is fairly serious Turtle conservation happening on Gili Trawangan. The Turtle conservation centre is located on the main beach just 5 minutes walk from the main harbour.

Here they raise turtles which are kept for 12 months. The turtles are released into the sea twice a year with a ceremony with traditional Lombok music and dancing.

Turtle Conservation Gili Trawangan

Turtle Release 18th December 2009 Gili Trawangan

They release the turtles often through out the year. Each time of release they have a big festival with many political officials from Lombok who visit Gili Trawangan to watch the release.

Traditional Lombok Music

PADI Dive centres

Following are the PADI dive centres on Gili Trawangan:

Trawangan Dive

Big Bubble Diving

Dream Divers

Manta Dive

Kite surfing on Gili Trawangan

Kite surfing is increasing in popularity on Gili Trawangan, especially in the southwest corner of the island.

Horse riding on Gili Trawangan

There are a number of horse riding companies hiring horses to ride on the beach or inland on the island. Stud Horse Riding Adventures have stables with a variety of horses for both experienced riders and beginners.

On the western side Gili Trawangan is Sunset Stables which arranges horse riding adventures. Ph: 085 935 012 2836. Around 800m from Ombak Sunset Hotel, close to Baar Sunset.

Horse Riding Gili Trawangan

There are no cars or motorbikes on Gili Trawangan so the only options to go around the island is to walk, hire a bicycle or with one of the taxi's on Gili Trawangan - Horse drawn carts. Most hotels have push bikes available for hire.

Horse and cart Gili Trawangan

There is a path that runs around the coast of Gili Trawangan. You can ride a bike around the island in just over 1 hour. At the northern end of the island the path is covered with sand so there are many sections you have to get off your bike and push.

Restaurants and Bars on Trawangan

TirNanOg was one of the first bar/restaurants and it is still one of the best. An Irish pub which the locals describe as the biggest Irish bar on the smallest island. A choice of the standard restaurant or the sushi restaurant which is a franchise of Ryoshi in Bali.

Pesona Resort has the only Indian food on Gili Trawangan.

Horizontal Bar is just 200m from the harbour. With great food and nice music all day and in the high season all night parties.

Horizontal Bar Gili Trawangan

Baar Sunset is located on the western side of the island, right on a nice sandy beach. A great place to sit back, enjoy a cold beer and watch the sunset. Small beers 25,000Rp, large beers 35,000. Baar Sunset has a bon fire every night and fire dancing.

Bar Sunset Gili Trawangan

Internet access on Gili Trawangan

Most of the restaurants, bars and hotels on Gili Trawangan offer free WiFi. The speed is a bit slow but you can generally do most things on the internet.

There are plenty of WiFi internet hotspots available. Most hotels, restaurants and bars have free WiFi hotspots. Just ask for the password to get access.

ATM and Foreign Exchange on Gili Trawangan

It was just a few years ago there were no ATMs on Gili Trawangan. Now there are 7 ATMs on Gili Trawangan. 2 are located outside Ombak Villas in the main town of Gili Trawangan, referred to as Central. 2 are located next to Blue Beach Cottages. There is another ATM located on the western side of Gili Trawangan outside of Ombak Sunset Hotel and 2 just 200 meters down the road outside Villa Queen resort. The ATMs accept Visa, Mastercard and Cirrus. The machines only dispense 50,000 Rupiah notes.

There are money exchange available though the exchange rates is 300 - 400Rp less per dollar (A$) than the exchanges rates you'll find in Lombok or in Bali.

Gili Island Cost Index - 1 large beer costs 30,000Rp

ATM Gili Trawangan

Getting to and from Gili Trawangan

You can get a small boat to Gili Trawangan from Lombok or there are fast boats from Bali. The fast boats leave from either Padang Bai (the boat trip taking around 1.5 hours) or you can get a fast boat from South Bali (Serangan Harbour - boat trip can take around 3.5 - 4 hours). The tickets cost around 500,000Rp each way and includes pick up from your hotel in Bali. You can buy fast boat tickets at any travel agent or most hotel receptions in Bali can arrange for you. See more ferry details see our main page on the Gili Islands page

Gili Trawangan Boat Harbour

Western Coast of Gili Trawangan

The west coast of Gili Trawangan, the opposite side from the boat harbour, is the quiet part of Gili Trawangan with only a few beach resorts and bungalows. This side of the island has beautiful white sandy beaches. The best beach is located right in front of Ombak Sunset Hotel, which is also one of the best hotels on Gili Trawangan. This side of the island is also the best place to watch the sunset. On a clear day you can see Bali and Gunung Agung, the volcano on the east coast of Bali.

Beach on west coast of Gili Trawangan

Surfing on Gili Trawangan

On the southern end of Gili Trawangan there is a good surfing spot which regularly gets a nice swell with good 3 - 4 foot waves.

Surfing Gili Trawangan

Accommodation on Gili Trawangan

Following is a list of hotels, guesthouses, bungalows and resorts on Gili Trawangan with current prices and contact details.

See a full list of hotels on Gili Trawangan

Alot of the budget hotels say they have fresh water for their showers though most have fresh water from the sea - mixed with some rainwater. It is clean but makes everything a little salty.

The budget places will not clean your room everyday. They may ask you after a few days if you want your room cleaned. You can ask them to clean your room when you need it.

Pondok Wildan (1 review) is good budget budget accommodation just 200m away from the harbour. With a restaurant right on the beach that serves great pizza and Indonesian food. Room prices are 300,000Rp (around A$30) per night for rooms with fan and cold water. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Snapper Bungalows is located just a few minutes walk from the main harbour. Room prices are 250,000Rp for a basic room with cold water and fan. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Easy Bungalows (1 review)is just 400m from the main harbour. With basic rooms with cold water and fan room prices are 250,000Rp (around A$25) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Sunrise Bungalows and Cottages is located just 200m from the harbour. Air-conditioned rooms from just 230,000Rp (around A$23) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Blue Beach Cottages (2 reviews) is located only 5 minutes from where the boats drop you onto Gili Trawangan. Close to restaurants and bars though far enough away that you don't hear the loud music. With air-conditioned bungalows and standard rooms. Room prices start from 220,000Rp per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Blue Beach Cottages - Gili Trawangan

Blue Beach Cottages


Blu d'aMare Trattoria and Resort have air-conditioned rooms available just 300m from the harbour. Rooms prices are 250,000Rp per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Coconut Dream Bungalows is located 50m away from the beach right where you get off the boat in the main harbour. With air-conditioned rooms at 250,000Rp (US$25) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Dream Divers Bungalows accommodation and PADI dive shop. Bungalow prices from 460,000Rp per night (around A$46).

Jessica's Homestay (3 reviews) is located just 150m from the harbour with bungalows looking right over the beach. Air-conditioned rooms start from 300,000Rp (US$30) per night For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Aaliku Bungalows are located just 50m away from the beach right where you get off the boat when you arrive in the main harbour. With air-conditioned rooms at 500,000Rp (A$50) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

The Beach House Resort have bungalows and private villas. Prices from 500,000Rp per night (A$50).

Good Heart Bungalows are just 300m from the main harbour of Gili Trawangan. With air-conditioned bungalows with hot and cold water. Room prices are 600,000Rp (around A$60) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Marta's Homestay is a standard hotel style accommodation with large swimming pool. Prices start from 780,000Rp per night (A$78).

Tir Nan Og Villas. Tir Nan Og was one of the first bar/restaurants on Gili Trawangan. Now with 10 deluxe villas with air-conditioning. Room prices start from around A$50 per night.

Scallywag's Resort has 10 garden rooms and a large fresh water swimming pool. Room rates from 630,000Rp (around A$63).

Alam Gili is a family run hotel on Trawangan Island, located on the very quiet north coast away from the main tourist area. Prices start from US$65 per night.

Trawangan Dive newly built accommodation in 2008. Bungalows from 630,000Rp per night (around A$63.

Manta Dive Bungalows is mid-range accommodation with traditional Indonesian bungalows overlooking the beach with air-conditioning, hot water, mini-bar and WiFi wireless internet access. Room prices are from 680,000Rp per night (around A$68).

Villa Almarik Resort is located right on the beach close to restaurants and bars. Prices from 2,300,000Rp per night (around A$230).

Ko-Ko-Mo Resort has brand new luxury villas with white sandy beaches right out the front. Rates from 2,850,000Rp per night (around A$285).

Kelapa Luxury Villas luxury villas on Gili Trawangan starting from 966,000Rp per night (around A$96)

Desa Dunia Beda Beach Resort is located in a secluded village on Trawangan with villas with beach views. Prices start from 1,650,000Rp per night (around A$165).

Gili Villas have 4 luxury 1 and 2 bedroom villas on Gili Trawanagan. Room rates start from 2,450,000Rp per night (around A$245)


See a full list of hotels on Gili Trawangan

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