Hotels on Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the middle island of the 3 Gili Islands located off the north coast of Lombok Indonesia. Gili Meno is referred to by the locals as Gili Meno as it is a quiet tropical island with the least amount of visitors, with beautiful white, sandy beaches. A great place for a relaxing holiday. You can reach Gili Meno in 20 minutes by ferry from Lombok or around 2 hours by fast boat from Bali. Check out these hotels on Gili Meno:

Budget Hotels on Gili Meno - hotels from $30 - $40 per night

Hotels on Gili Meno - between $40 - $50 per night

Amigos Bungalows Gili Meno

Amigos Bungalows
* with WiFi

Kontiki Meno Hotel Gili Meno

Kontiki Hotel
* with WiFi

Hotels Beach Reorts on Gili Meno - from $100 - $120

Luxury Hotels on Gili Meno - over $200 per night

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