Jakarta Shopping Malls

Jakarta Shopping Malls

Jakarta has some great shopping with various markets and modern shopping plazas selling a range of products from custom tailored suits and clothing, shoes, silk batik, home wares and arts and crafts.

For tailor made clothing check out Pasar Baru, meaning New Market, located in Central Jakarta which has a huge number of textile stalls and tailors who can measure you and produce tailored clothing within 24 hours. There is also a good selection of shoe shops in Pasar Baru selling known brands like Pierre Cardin, Salvatore Ferragamo and Cesare Pachotti.

Jakarta also has some massive, modern Shopping Malls with designer and brand name stores selling products much cheaper than in Europe, Australia or the US. Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia are located in Central Jakarta Tanah Abang next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Also check out Plaza Senayan for tailors, textile stalls and shoe stores.

One of the best shopping districts is Tanah Abang, close to Jalan Jaksa in Central Jakarta. There is a good selection of textiles, local made clothing and handbags. The markets here are open from 9am till 4pm everyday.

Plaza Indonesia Jakarta Shopping Malls

Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall Central Jakarta

Plaza Indonesia is a 6 level shopping mall in Central Jakarta right next the Selamat Datang Monument. If you are staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel you can enter Plaza Indonesia from the lobby. Plaza Indonesia is open everyday from 10am - 10pm so 12 hours of shopping!

There are hundreds of speciality stores in Plaza Indonesia and all the high end brand name fashion stores. The top brand names like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Zara and Zara Home are all found within the Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall.

There are also loads of good restaurants in Plaza indonesia and one of the coolest bars called Immigrant on level 6 (check out Jakarta Nightlife). Right next to Immigrant is an XXI Cinema Complex showing all the latest release Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Located on level 5 is a huge food court with 24 different food outlets selling cheap local Indonesian food or some other Asian favourites like Chicken rice from Singapore.

Check out the Plaza Indonesia website for a list of all the shops and restaurants.

Grand Indonesia Jakarta Shopping Malls

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is located directly across the road from Plaza Indonesia. Another multi-story shopping mall it is also directly across from the Manadrin Orient Hotel and the Pullman Hotel. Grand Indonesia is a huge shopping mall. It is actually 2 large malls (West Mall and East Mall) connected by a multi-story skybridge.

There is also a good range of restaurants in Grand Indonesia. Also right next door on the top of the Menara BCA Building is one of Jakarta's coolest rooftop bars - Skye Lounge.

The top 2 floors of the West Mall is all about food. There are loads of restaurants on these2 floors and the majority of the restaurants are Japanese, though there is plenty of other choice including local Indonesian food, Chinese seafood restaurants and Italian food.

In the West Mall you will also find the huge Seibu Department Store which also has a Marks and Spencer Department store inside. This is the place I come to stock up on good quality business shirts. Each time I come to Jakarta I come here and buy a range of business shirts with brands like Polo and Piere Cardin. The prices are more than 50% cheaper than what I can get back at home in Australia. During the year they also have big sales where the brand names are discounted up to a further 50% off. Last time I bought Polo business shirts for 300,000Rp which is around A$30. The same shirt would cost more than $120 in Australia.

Check out the Grand Indonesia website.

Thamrin City Jakarta Shopping Malls

Thamrin City Shopping Mall

Thamrin City Shopping Mall is just 2 blocks away from Grand Indonesia in Central Jakarta. Thamrin City is your standard Indonesian Shopping mall which is more like a market with small stalls all contained in a huge air-conditioned building. There are 7 levels at Thamrin City Shopping Mall with the top 2 levels like a market place selling lots of interesting things, just small tables / stalls setup.

The fashion sold is Thamrin City is more your Indonesian styles, batik shirts, different coloured hijab head dress. Also the jewellery is more your gaudy type that is popular in Indonesia but not really to the taste of Westerners.

There is a food court on Level 2 and Level 3 selling very cheap local Indonesian food.

Above the Thamrin City Shopping mall is the Amaris Hotel.

Check out Thamrin City website (in Indonesian).

Mangga Dua Shopping Mall

Mangga Dua is one of the largest shopping malls in Jakarta. Located in Glodok (Jakarta's Chinatown area). Mangga Dua shopping mall is the place to come for electronic items like iPads, laptop computers, smart phones, DSLR cameras.

Senayan City Shopping Mall

Senayan City Shopping Mall is located in South Jakarta on Jalan Asia Afrika. Open every day from 10am - 10pm. Senayan City has 10 floors of shopping, food and entertainment including an XXI Cinema complex. Also right next door is the Plaza Senayan Shopping Mall.

Check ut Senayan City website.

Gandaria City Shopping Mall

Gandaria City Shopping Mall is located in South Jakarta around 5 minutes by taxi from Senayan City Shopping Mall. Gandaria City is only 5 years old, opening in 2010 so one of the newest shopping centres in Jakarta. There is a 2D Imax Movie cinema within the Gandaria City.

Check out the Gandaria City Shopping Mall website.

Pacific Place Shopping Mall

Pacific Place is locate within the Sudirman Central Business District just 15 minutes by taxi from Central Jakarta. It sits on the border of Central Jakarta and South Jakarta so central to both areas.

Check out the Pacific Place Shopping Mall website.

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