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Jalan Surabaya is located close to the middle of Central Jakarta. Jalan Surabaya is a quite one way street which is lined with shopping stalls which sell a range of souvenirs and antiques. The row of stalls continues for over 500 meters so there are plenty of stalls and shops to have a look at.


Jalan Surubaya sells a range of antiques and imitation antiques. You can tell the difference by the prices they charge. They are some strange items like old 1950s telephones, wooden gramaphones, a range of nautical items like brass telescopes, brass diving helmets and nautical compasses. There are also a number of stalls selling very old vinyl record albums. Other stores sell traditional Indonesian wooden carvings, Wayang puppets, good quality leather handbags, leather shoes as well as travel luggage and backpacks.


Be prepared to bargain, the typical Indonesian way. This is very much part of Indonesian culture, the sellers are not trying to rip you off but get the best price from you! Usually the starting price is twice or three times the real value of the item to bargain carefully.


Getting to Jalan Surabaya


It's best to get a taxi to Jalan Surabaya as there are no public transports that runs directly there. A taxi from the major hotels (Grand Hyatt, Le Meridien or Shangri-la will only cost around 30,000Rp.



Last updated 4th August 2015


Jalan Surabaya Jakarta

Antiques and brass nautical equipment at Jalan Surabaya

Wooden carvings at Jalan Surabaya

Antique stalls at Jalan Surabaya Jakarta

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