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Jalan Cihampelas located in the northern section of Bandung Indonesia is referred to as 'Jean Street' as it is lined with factory outlet stores selling a range of jeans, t-shirts and clothing. You can buy a pair of jeans for as little as 99,500Rp (around US$10) and tshirts start from 16,500Rp (around US$1.60)


Many of the stores along Jalan Cihampelas are named after superheroes or Hollywood action characters like Batman, Superman and Rambo. Along with the names the stores have large models of the superheros attached the front of the shops.

Jean Street Bandung Superman factory outlet

A taxi from the centre part of Bandung, where all the major hotels are will only cost around 15,000Rp (US$1.50). There are plenty of taxis on Jalan Cihampelas to get back to your hotel. All the taxis in Bandung use taxi meters and they costs considerable less than in Jakarta.

Jeans Street Spiderman factory outlet

There are a number of cheap restaurants and cafes aloong Jalan Cihampelas to get a meal. There is also a large food court. There is also a shopping plaza right next to the Sensa Hotel which has a number of good quality cafes and restaurants. Also check out the Daishogun Japanese Restaurant in the Aston Tropicana Hotel which serves traditional Japanese cuisine.

Jeans Street Bandung Indonesia


Last updated 13th December 2015

Jalan Cihampelas Jean Street Bandung

Rambo Jeans Jalan Cihampelas Bandung

Jeans and T-shirts Jeans Street Bandung

Hotels close to Jeans Street Bandung

Sensa Hotel (reviews) Jalan Cihampelas 150 Bandung Ph: +62 22 206 1111. One of the newest hotels in Bandung located next to Jeans Street in Bandung. With in room Wifi Internet access, outdoor swimming pool and spa and fitness centre. Room rates start from US$97 per night. For hotel reviews for Sensa Hotel click here.

Sensa Hotel Bandung

Aston Tropicana Hotel (reviews) Jalan Cihampelas Bandung Ph: (62 361) 758 699. Room prices from US$52 per night. The hotel has a swimming pool, a bar, coffee shop and 3 restaurants. For hotel reviews for Aston Tropicana Hotel click here.

Aston Tropicana Hotel Bandung

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