Kite Surfing in Bali

Kite Surfing in Bali

There are some good spots of Kite Surfing (or Kite boarding) in Bali. As this sport depends on good cross onshore winds then this sport is seasonal. The best time of year for kite surfing in Bali is between May and September. You may be able to do kite surfing other times of year through all depends on the wind.

The most popular spot for kite surfing in Bali is off the coast of Nusa Dua and off the beaches of Sanur.

There are only a few companies that offer kite surfing lessons and you can hire all the equipment too. If you are a hard core kite surfer then best for you to drag all your own equipment along for your plane ride to Bali.

Bali Kitesurfing School are located at Sanur Beach just 400 meters from the Mercure Hotel


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