Komodo National Park Indonesia

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia's greatest tourist attractions. Located in eastern Indonesia, Komodo National Park has many attractions including the amazing Komodo Dragrons as well as some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Indonesia.

Komodo National Park covers a huge area of 1,733 km2 and includes about 30 large islands and many more smaller islands. The 3 main islands in the Komodo National Park are Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island.

The easiest way to get to Komodo National Park is to fly to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island. From there you can do day trips into Komodo National Park or there are live aboard boats that leave from Labuan Bajo which do extended trips into the park.

To travel from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons takes around 3 hours by slow boat, around 1.5 hours by speedboat. The day trips from Labuan Bajo first stop at Padar Island before traveling to Komodo Island to see the Komodo Island. Most of these day trips include snorkling around Komodo Island at Pink Beach and at Manta Point for your chance to see the huge Manta Rays.

Here is a list of the best tourist attractions in Komodo National Park:

Komodo National Park Tourist Highlights

Day Trips to Komodo National Park

Day Trips to Komodo

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Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo

Most people travel to Labuan Bajo in Flores Island to enter the Komodo
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