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Komodo Island is part of the Nusa Tenggara islands east of Bali. Komodo is a small island of 280km2.  There is a small population of around 700 people who live on the east coast of Komodo Island. Their main source of income is fishing in their traditional twin-hulled catamarans.

The majority of the island is dominated by the Komodo National Park which is home to the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon, a monitor lizard which is only found here on Komodo Island as well as on the neighbouring islands of Padar, Rinca and the very western part of Flores.

The Komodo Dragon, locally known as 'ora' can be viewed along the many trails throughout the Komodo National Park. A park ranger needs to escort you through the park.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Komodo

The waters around Komodo Island are clear and plankton rich which provides food to the various species of marine life and attracts dolphins and whales. The coral reefs are in good condition and provide excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

There is incredible snorkeling areas around Pantai Merah - 'Red Beach' to the east of Loh Liang as well as off the small island Pulau Lasa just off the coast from the Komodo village.

Komodo Dancer is a cruise boat which offers 7 or 11 night cruises out of Bali to cruise around Komodo Island for diving on the best reefs.

Tour Companies for Komodo

Komodo Tours offer tours from 3 days up to 9 day tours in Komodo and Flores Island






Last updated 13th April 2009


How to get to Komodo Island

There is no airport on Komodo Island, the closest is to fly into Labuhan Bajo Flores and get on one of the many ferries that leave there to go to Komodo Island.

Accommodation / Hotels on Komodo

There is only one small guesthouse in the fishing village of Komodo Island. Generally people do day trips to Komodo Island from Lubuhan Bajo in Flores Island. The ferries arrive into Komodo at Loh Liang which is close to the entrance to the Komodo National Park for viewing the Komodo Dragons.


The other way to spend time on Komodo is by staying on one of the many cruise boats that cruise out of Bali and Lombok.












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