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Legian Beach in Bali is the next beach along from Kuta. Legian Beach is the same stretch of sand which starts from Kuta and keeps going through Legian and down to Seminyak.

Legian is a small area though has everything that you need to have a relaxing holiday in Bali. Legian has a great range of hotels and beach resorts and has plenty of shops, restaurants and bars so you could hang out in Legian for your entire holiday. Legian is a lot quieter than Kuta and not that far away if you want to venture to Kuta for the famous nightlife. It is only a 5 - 10 minute taxi ride or a 15 minute walk.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach Activities

Down on Legian Beach there are plenty of beach chairs with umbrella to sit and relax on the beach. All up and down the sand are make shift bars setup to grab a cold drink or plenty of ice cold beer.

There are surf boards to rent, you will see all the surf boards stacked up. Surf boards can be rented from 50,000Rp or you can get a surf lesson from the guys who rent the surf boards for around 100,000rp for acouple of hours of lessons.

Legian Beach activities

Also down on Legian Beach you can get a temporary tattoo or all the tacky Aussie chicks can get your hair breaded to prove you did go on holidays to Bali or all the feral European backpacker men can get dreadlocks to prove you are a feral European backpack.

There are a few sections of Legian beach which are dangerous to swim in. In these sections there are some strong rips and currents that can drag you out to deep water. These sections are marked at the entrance of the beach so look out for these signs. If you do feel yourself being pulled out to deeper water do not panic and try to swim to the shore. Raise your arm so someone can see you are in trouble or if you are a strong swimming swim out to deeper water then swim parrallel to the beach a few hundred meters away from the rip then swim to shore.

Strong currents at Legian Beach

Legian Art Markets

Located on Jalan Melasti in Legian is the Legian Art Markets, just 400 meters away from Legian Beach. Legian Art Markets sells all the typical items you find ever where else in Bali - t-shirts, shorts, sarongs, sunglasses and arts & crafts. The prices at Legian Art Markets are all negotiable to get ready for some bargaining. Usually the price the first start with is 3 or 4 times the actual value so stay calm and bargain them down to a reasonable price.

Legian Art Markets Bali


Travel Agencies and tours in Legian

All through Legian there are a number of decent travel agenices where you can book flights throughout Indonesia or on to other countries. There are also small tour stalls that can arrange tours throughout Bali to places like Kintamani Volcano, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot or transport to any other location in Bali. These tour offices can also organise other activites like horse riding on Legian beach, rafting trips or ferry tickets to Lembongan Island, Gili Islands or Lombok.

Legian Travel Agency

Foreign Currency Exchange in Legian

There are plenty of small foreign exchange offices in Legian that exchange money to Rupiah or some have Western Union offices if you need to get money transfered from back home. Most places offer competetive exchange rates close to the international exchange rate. You should not have to pay a commission so walk away from places that try to charge a commission. Also stay away from the foreign exchange offices that advertise their exchange rate much higher than the international rate. For example when the international exchange rate is A$1 = 9100Rp some places will advertise their exchange rate as A$1 = 9400Rp. These places are dodgy and usually have Indonesian sticky fingers so money can go missing will counting out in front of your eyes.

Massage Spas in Legian

You can get a massage in Legian for as low as 50,000Rp for a 1 hour massage. You can not walk too far through Legian without passing a lady sitting on the street who will offer you a massage. There are plenty of proper massage spas with the girls sitting out the front. The nicer places on average will charge around 68,000Rp for a 1 hour massage. There are also plenty of luxury massage spas attached to the luxury resorts in Legian. These offer a range of massage and beauty services like facials, body scrubs, hair treatments and hair cuts.

Legian Massage spa

Restaurants in Legian

There are over 80 restaurants in Legian serving a range of food including some very cheap restaurants serving traditional Balinese and Indonesian food as well as some really nice restaurants serving western food including Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican and plenty of good cafes with good coffee, sandwiches, burgers and desserts. Check out our Legian Restaurant Guide.

Bars in Legian

There are plenty of relaxed bars to sit around with a nice cold drink and chill out. Legian doesn't have the nightclubs like Kuta though it sure does have good nightlife with some great bars that are open to arond 2am - 3am.

Spider Bar, located on Jalan Padma Utara is a small bar with some good looking bar girls. Spide Bar advertises it's self as a husband day care centre, just leave your husband here while you go off for shopping or a good massage.

Hotels in Legian

There are plenty of hotels in Legian to suit all budgets. From basic budget hotels to luxury 5 star beach resorts. Check out our Legian Hotel Guide.

Getting to Legian Beach

From Bali airport go to the taxi office and they have fixed prices to get to Legian Beach. A taxi from the airport will cost a fixed price of 50,000Rp to get to Legian Beach.


Last updated 6th December 2015



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