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Lombok is just west of Bali, one of the most beautiful islands of the 13,000 islands of Indonesia. The natives of Lombok, the Sasak people, call their island Bumi Gora meaning 'Dry Farmland' The name 'Lombok' is believed to have come from the fiery red chili peppers that are grown in the country side of Lombok. You will see in many locations these spread out over tarpaulins drying in the sun.

Lombok is less developed than Bali and probably what Bali was like 30 years ago before all the mass tourism. There are some developed tourist areas like Senggigi Beach and the Gili Islands though there are still plenty of deserted, pristine white beaches to visit.

Lombok is becoming very popular with surfers, with some of the best surfing in South Lombok in Kuta and in West Lombok in Sekotong.

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Scuba Diving Lombok

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