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Mainski Lembongan Resort is over looking  Jungu batu Beach on Nusa lembongan. Mainski's has a small swimming pool right out the front over looking the beach and ocean. There is a good restaurant serving food and drinks.


There are also a number of other good restaurants and bars within walking distance from Mainski's. There is wireless WiFi internet access all over Mainski Lembogan Resort including in the rooms. You can buy access from the internet cafe behind the resort.

2015 Room Prices include taxes and breakfast

Standard room fan      320,000Rp

Deluxe room A/C        580,000Rp

3 bedroom villa sleeps 6  1,600,000Rp


Contact Details


Mainski's Lembongan Resort


Nusa Lembongan

Bali Indonesia


Ph: +62 361 923 7322



Last updated 31st December 2015


Mainski Lembongan Resort swimming pool

Mainski Lembongan Resort rooms

Mainski Lembongan resort restaurant


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  Hotel Reviews

Review submitted 5th July 2011 - from Bill

We stayed here for a few nights and while the restaurant was a little overpriced the pool was nice and the view great. I think it may still pay you to shop around however it is not the worst on the Island. The staff were friendly but old mate is a bit of a strange dude that's for sure.

Review submitted 12th April 2011 - from Jon

i stayed at Mainski , it was dirty , the staff un happy and the food was bad , plus the owner a bald headed arrogant Australian , was rude and always try to sell time share , and seems to have had a lot of problems with locals , not a good place to stay at all

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