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The capital city of South Sulawesi is Makassar (formerly Ujung Pandang).

Makassar still has remains of the Dutch colony including Fort Rotterdam built in 1667

11km to the south of Makassar is the Ballalompoa Museum

140km northeast of Makassar are the largest caves in South Sulawesi, the Mampu caves with impressive stalagmites and stalagtites.

Right on the southern tip of south Sulawesi is the Bissapu waterfall

Nature Reserves in South Sulawesi

Bantimurung Reserve covers 1000 hectares and is around 1 hour from Makassar. This nature reserve has a large variety of butterfly species.

Close to Bantimurung Reserve are some caves and a waterfall.

Mount Lompobatang Reserve

Latimojong Mountains Reserve

Lampuko Mampie Reserve






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To the east of Parepare are 3 large lakes - Danau Tempe, Danau Sindereng and Lompampaka




























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