Pasar Baru Jakarta

Pasar Baru Market Jakarta

Pasar Baru (Passar Baroe) is a large market place in Central Jakarta selling a huge range of clothing, homeware, art and crafts. Pasar Baru means 'New Market' in Indonesian but infact Pasar Baru is one of the oldest market places in Jakarta dating back to 1820.

Pasar Baru is located in Central Jakarta, not far from the Monumen Nasional. If you visit the Monumen Nasional, then it is only a short walk away or you can easily get a taxi to the entrance of Pasar Baru.

Pasar Baru covers several streets and a maze of smaller alley ways which are lined with small stalls selling fruit, sweets, cheap clothing, jewelery and fashion accessories. The main street that Pasar Baru occupies is a pedestrian only mall though you still get plenty of motorbikes and small trucks traveling down here to drop of deliveries.

As well as the small stalls, there are also some large stores selling clothing and fabrics and some of the chain departments stores like Matahari and Ramayana have larger shops in Pasar Baru.

Small stalls at Pasar Baru Jakarta


Most of the stalls and stores in Pasar Baru are open daily from 10am - 8pm though some of the smaller stalls closer earlier.

Many of the buldings around Pasar Baru date back to the Dutch Colonial days.

Pasar Baru is also sometimes referred to as Jakarta's Little India due the number of shops selling Indian fabrics. There are also many Indian tailor shops where you can get a tailor made suit at very reasonable prices. There are also many Chinese traders.

Pasar Baru is also a great market place to visit for some cheap food. There are manu small restaurants and stalls selling traditional Indonesia food, Chinese food and street food at very cheap prices. There are many places where you can get a good bowl of noodle soup.

Other Jakarta tourist attractions close to Pasar Baru include the Monumen Nasional, the National Museum and the Jakarta Art Building.

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