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Puri Rinjani Bungalows and Restaurant is located just across from the beach at Kuta Lombok. Budget accommodation with a choice of rooms with fan or air-conditioning.

Puri Rinjani Bungalows has it's own restaurant or there are several other hotels within walking distance with restaurants for a bit of variety.

2010 Room Prices in Rupiah


Standard room with fan        135,000Rp

Premium room with A/C       350,000Rp

Prices include taxes and breakfast.


Contact Details


Puri Rinjani Bungalow and Restaurant

Jalan Raya


Lombok Indonesia


Ph: +62 370 654 849 or 653 749

Fax: +62 370 654 852



Last updated 2nd January 2009


Puri Rinjani Bungalows Kuta Lombok

Puri Rinjani Bunalows

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  Hotel Reviews

Review submitted 5th October 2012 - from Sparky Red

When we stayed this year they were just completing the new pool.  We paid Rp400,000 for an aircon room and realised others were paying Rp350,000. The room was good, clean, the only thing that let is down was a filthy bathroom mat. There is a karaoke bar next door so you have to put up with some awful Indonesian pop some nights. Though we liked our room and the gardens we found the staff surly and only willing to go out of their way if there was likely to be a commission in it for them, things like transport, motorbike rentals etc. Trying to order a meal or a drink they could hardly pull themselves away from the laptop they all spend the day huddled around. I probably wouldn\'t stay here again. Mainly due to the staff and karaoke.

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