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South Lombok has some of the most beautiful white soft sandy beaches and tourism is still low in the south of Lombok so village life is fairly unperturbed and the beaches less crowded. The main town, with the most accommodation in South Lombok is Kuta. Kuta Lombok is located 60km south of Mataram.

The best beaches are to the east of Kuta though there is no public transport going via these spots so you will need to hire a car and driver or a motorbike and make your own way there.


There are a number of traditional villages only 15 minutes from Kuta Lombok. These villages still live in traditional houses with clay floors. Many of the villages only speak the local Sasak language and make their income from weaving fabric or clay pottery.

Traditional Sasak Village in Lombok

Traditional lumbung for storing rice.

Traditional weaving in Lombok villages

The two main traditional villages on the way to Kuta Lombok are called Sade and Rambitan. Sade, an authentic hilltop village has one of the oldest mosques in Lombok, Mesjid Kuno.

When you visit the village you will be shown around by one of the local residents for a small fee (20,000Rp is a good price to pay).

To the west of Kuta are a series of beautiful beaches and bays surrounded by headlands and rolling hills. These picturesque bays are an excellent place for a picnic or swimming as the waves are calm.

Just east of Kuta is a beach called Mandalika, named after the legendary Princess Mandalika. Each year thousands of people flock here to celebrate the colourful ritual of Bau Nyale which sees masses of sea worms spawn in the waters offshore.

Getting to Kuta Lombok

By car/taxi it takes 1 hours to get to Kuta Lombok from Mataram airport and around 1.5 hours from Sengiggi.


Last updated 3rd January 2010

South Lombok Beaches

15 minutes from Kuta Lombok is Grupuk (Gerupuk) which has some excellent surfing. When you arrive at Grupuk you have to take a boat across the bay to the point where the surf breaks. The surf conditions are excellent for beginners and you can take lessons here and hire surf boards.

Mawi beach, east of Kuta has good right and left hand barrels for surfing though the swell is generally small. Further west is Selong Blanak with more scenic bays and beaches.

Grupuk South Lombok

Accommodation/hotels in Kuta Lombok

Following are most of the hotels and homestays available in Kuta Lombok including pictures, contact details, current 2010 prices and hotel reviews from other travelers.

Anda Bungalow and Restaurant is just located on the main road right next to Kuta Beach. Room prices start from 70,000Rp (US$7) per night. For pictures, prices, contact details and hotel reviews for Anda Bungalows click here.

Mimpi Manis Homestay is a budget hotel located in Kuta in the south of Lombok. Prices start from 65,000Rp per night (US$6.30).

Segare Anak Bungalows and Restaurant located right across from Kuta beach have room prices starting from 80,000Rp (US$8) per night. The hotel has an internet cafe and small swimming pool. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Sekar Kuning (Yellow Flower) Bungalow and Restaurant located right across from Kuta beach have room prices for 100,000Rp (US$10) per night. They have a restaurant and internet cafe. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

Surfer's Inn Lombok is located right across from Kuta Beach with a swimming pool. With room prices starting from 110,000Rp (US$11) per night. For pictures, prices, contact details and hotel reviews for Surfers Inn click here.

Puri Rinjani Bungalow and Restaurant (1 review) located right across from Kuta Beach have rooms starting from 135,000Rp (US$13.50). For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews click here.

The Novotel Lombok is located in Kuta on the southern coast of Lombok, 30 minutes from Mataram airport. Room prices from US$54.

Accommodation in Gerupuk Lombok

Lakuen in Lombok is the only accommodation available in Gerupuk. With a swimming pool and nice bungalows with hot and cold water overlooking the bay at Gerupuk. Bungalows prices are 500,000Rp (US$50) per night. For pictures, contact details and hotel reviews for Lakuen in Lombok click here.

Lakuen Bungalows Gerupuk Lombok






























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