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Star Two Thousand Bungalows

 - Nusa Lembongan Bali

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Star Two Thousand Cafe and Bungalows is located right next to the Jungu batu Beach on Nusa lembongan. Located right next door to Ketut Losmen you can use the poor there.


They have their own restaurant that serves good food for breakfast lunch and dinner.

2016 Room Prices in Rupiah

Room with fan 380,000Rp

Room with A/C 540,000Rp


They arrange snorkeling trips with their own boats and can arrange transfers back to Bali or to the Gili Islands.

They also have money exchange.


Contact Details


Star Two Thousand Cafe and Bungalows


Nusa Lembongan

Bali Indonesia


Ph: +62 81 9995 15463 (0819 9951 5463)

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Last updated 31st December 2015


Star Two Thousand Bungalows Nusa Lembongan

Star Two Thousand Bungalow rooms

View from Balcony of top floor


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  Hotel Reviews

Review submitted 25th March 2012 - from Mitch Lea

I have only been to Lembongan once, i stayed at two thousand and was 100% happy with the rooms and the staff. the staff were really great. and the cafe is good food and the beer is cold. cant wait to go back!

Review submitted 31st August 2010 - from Owen

Yesterday my dad and I found the Two Thousand cafe/hotel after we arrived in Nusa Lembongan. The day before we called and set up a room with AC for 350,000rp but there must have been a communication breakdown because when we showed up the owner wanted to charge us 550,000. We decided we could get a better deal somewhere else (we got a great room/great deal at Puri Nusa Bungalows just down the beach)... Anyway, the owner got super pissed off and tried to force us to stay at his hotel by taking my bag and locking it in a room. We nearly got in a fight with him after he started getting physical with my dad. We ended up pushing past him to get the bag and leave, which we promptly did as we exchanged plenty of f**k you's along the way. I'm sure this isn't the standard encounter, but the owner is quick to anger and is a poor businessman. Be warned.

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