Sunda Kelapa Harbour Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbour Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbour (or old Portuguese Harbour) dates back to the 13th century when it was a thriving trading port for goods being shipped all over Indonesia and throughout Asia. In the 1522 the Portuguese took over control of the harbour.

Sunda Kelapa was also the largest fish markets in Jakarta and still operates as a fish market. It still is a very busy trading port line with huge wooden fishing boats and transport ships.

Sunda Kelapa is located at the mouth of the Ciliwung River, around 5 minutes drive from Old Batavia (Kota).

Unless you really like big wooden boats there is nothing much of interested at the harbour. There are some men who will offer you a ride in their small boats for a trip around the harbour.

If you do visit Sunda Kelapa, hire a taxi and have them wait for you as there are no taxis waiting in this area to get back out.

Wooden boats at Sunda Kelapa Harbour Jakarta

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