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Indonesia has the highest number of volcanoes than any other country in the world, crossed by the ring of fire which crosses through Indonesia and on through the Pacific ocean. Indonesia has over 400 volcanoes, with over 100 of these active.

Here is the top 10 Volcanoes in Indonesia, not based on size but more for activity and spectacular scenery to visit and/or climb.


# 1 Mount Merapi

30th October 2010 - Mount Merapi has erupted for the 3rd time over the last few days. The first was was a massive eruption of Merapi Volcano late on Tuesday 26th October 2010 spewing smoke and ash over 1km into the air, killing at least 28 people.

Mount Merapi volcano Yogyakarta Indonesia

Gunung Merapi view from Hyatt Regency Hotel

Gunung Merapi (2968m) meaning 'Fire mountain' is located close to Jogjakarta in Java. The first recorded activity of Gunung Merapi was in 1548 though historians note that Borobudur was destroyed in the 11th century by a violent eruption. Gunung Merapi still has high volcanic activity. Each year 7 million cubic tones is erupted and added to it's slopes.  When it is quiet flights can be organised at night to fly over the volcano to views it's lava flow down the eastern side of the mountain. See our video of the sunrise over Gunung Merapi

# 2. Mount Rinjani

Lombok is home to one of the most impressive volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, at 3726m high, not just because it is Indonesia's second highest volcano but for it's scenery as well. Mount Rinjani is surrounded by a spectacular cobalt blue lake. It is a popular 3 day hike stretching from Senaru to the crater rim, down to the cobalt blue crater lake and then on to Sembulan Lawang. The trek has superb ocean and mountain views and the chance to spot barking deer, macaques and civets.


# 3 Mount Bromo

Gunung Bromo (2329m) is located in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park in Java close to Surabaya. You can ride miniature Tennggerese ponies to it's rim through the night to reach the summit in time for a magic sun rise over Java's scenic landscape.

# 4 Mount Semeru

Gunung Semeru is Java's highest volcano at 3676m. Known locally as Mahameru or great mountain. Hindus consider Mount Semeru as Indonesia's most sacred mountain, the father of Bali's Mount Agung. Legend tells the story of gods moving Semeru from the Himalayas, scattering other peaks all through Java. It is an active volcano though is still able to be climbed if you are prepared for the 3 days hike.

# 5 Gunung Anak Krakatau

Gunung Krakatua or Krakatau (813m) is probably the most famous volcano in the world after it's massive explosion in 1883. 4600Km away people thought they heard loud gunfire. The explosion was heard in Sydney Australia with an estimated force of 10,000 Hiroshima bombs.

Since the explosion in 1883, which ripped apart the mountain the volcano has been growing in size every year spawning what is called now Anak Krakatua (Baby of Krakatau). The height of Anak Krakatau is now over 300m tall.

The most recent eruption of Anak Krakatau was in April 2017.

You can do an easy day trip from Jakarta to visit Anak Krakatau island. It takes around 2 hours to drive from Jakarta to Cerita Beach and then it is around 1 hour by speedboat to Anak Krakatau Island.

For more information on Anak Krakatua click here.

Recent volcanic activity in Indonesia

Mount Sinabung, in North Sumatra, close to Berastagi has erupted twice in the last 2 days.

The first eruption was on Sunday 29th August 2010 after a sudden increase of volcanic activity on the previous few days. This eruption on Sunday was the first in over 400 years.

Monday 30th August 2010 a second more power eruption occurred. Although there are not lava flows from the volcano, large pumes of smoke and ash have been erupting up to 2 kilometers into the air.

Some flights into Medan airport have been delayed or cancelled. An exclusion zone of 7 kilometers has been setup to prevent anyone going close to the volcano. Experts will evaluate the situation of the next few days.

Sinabung Volcano Berastagi North Sumatra

Mount Sinabung Sumatra

Last updated 15th January 2018

# 6 Mount Agung

Bali's most active volcano, Gunung Agung (3142m) is entwined in Balinese culture. Most temples in Bali has a shrine dedicated to Mount Agung. There is an annual festival during the 10th lunar month at the Pura Basakih ('mother temple') on the slopes of Agung. It's a relatively easy hike to the top. Most treks leave at 10pm to make it to the summit for sunrise.

Mount Agung Bali Indonesia

Mount Agung

# 7 Mount Kerinci

Gunung Kerinci is Sumatra's highest mountain at 3805m, located in the Kerinci Seblat National Park close to Jambi. Recent years has seen an increase in volcanic activity preventing trekking to the summit. There is a 1km exclusion zone around Mount Kerinci preventing hiking any closer though many people still climb it regardless of the warnings.

Gunung Kerinci

# 8 Mount Sumbing

Midway between Jogjakarta and Semarang in Java, around 125km away from each, Gunung Sumbing (3371m) is considered the husband volcano of Gunung Sundoro (3136m). It is a perfectly shaped cone which holds the remains of one of the holy men that brought Islam to Indonesia. At the end of Ramadan, Idul Fitri is celebrated and devotees trek to the top to show their respect. It is a difficult climb to the top with steep slopes and sulphuric gas escaping from vents along the route to the top. From the top there is a spectacular view looking down over clouds atop the Javanese landscape.


# 9 Mount Batur

Gunung Batur (1717m) is the female counterpart of Gunung Agung (3142m). Both located on the island of Bali. At the bottom is a crater lake 11km in diameter. There is great views to the mountain and over the lake from Penelokan. There is an easy hike down to the base of Gunung Batur where there are hot springs with believed healing properties. Recent activity has made climbing to the top of this volcano extremely dangerous.

# 10 Mount Sibayak

Mount Sibayak (2100m) over looks the town of Berastagi in North Sumatra just a 2 hour bus trip from Medan. At most times there are vents of steam seeping from the top of Sibayak. It's a fairly easy 3 hour walk to the top and stone steps to find your way down. At the bottom of Sibayak are hot springs to relax in after the climb.

Gunung Sibayak


#11 Gunung Kintamani

Mount Kintamani Bali Indonesia


Volcanoes of Indonesia

Gunung Kerinci (3805m) Jambi

Gunung Rinjani (3726m) Lombok

Gunung Semeru (3676m) Java

Gunung Sumbing (3371m) Java

Gunung Dempo (3159m) Lampung

Gunung Agung (3142m) Bali

Gunung Sundoro (3136m) Java

Gunung Ciremay (3078m) Cirebon

Gunung Pangrango (3019m) Bogor

Gunung Merapi (2968m) Yogyakarta

Gunung Gede (2958m) Bogor

Gunung Talakmau (2919m) Bukittinggi

Gunung Marapi (2891m) Bukittinggi

Gunung Geureudong (2885m) Sumatra

Gunung Singgalang (2880m) Bukittinggi

Gunung Patah (2817m) Sumatra

Gunung Peuet Sague (2801m) Sumatra

Gunung Tambora (2722m) Sumbawa

Gunung Talang (2597m) Sumatra

Gunung Sumbing (2507m) Sumatra

Gunung Bukit Daun (2467m) Sumatra

Gunung Tandikat (2438m) Sumatra

Gunung Sinabung (2400m) Berastagi

Gunung Bromo (2329m) Surabaya

Gunung Kembar (2245m) Sumatra

Gunung Salak (2211m). Bogor

Gunung Kunyit (2151m) Sumatra

Gunung Sorikmarapi (2145m) Sumatra

Gunung Sibayak (2100m) Berastagi

Bukit Lamah Balai (2055m) Sumatra

Gunung Hutapanjang (2021m) Sumatra

Gunung Belirang-Beriti (1958m) Sumatra

Gunung Kaba (1952m) Sumatra

Gunung Besar (1899m) Sumatra

Gunung Lubukraya (1862m) Sumatra

Gunung Soputan (1825m) Sulawesi

Gunung Sibualbuali (1819m) Sumatra

Gunung Seulawah Agam (1810m) Sumatra

Gunung Batur (1717m) Bali

Gunung Lokon-Empung (1580m) Sulawesi

Gunung Imun (1505m) Sumatra

Gunung Dua Saudara (1351m) Sulawesi

Gunung Awu (1320m) Sulawesi

Gunung Mahawu (1311m) Sulawesi

Gunung Rajabasa (1281m) Lampung

Gunung Tongkoko (1149m) Sulawesi

Gunung Anak Krakatau (813m) Lampung

Gunung Weh (617m) Pulau Weh

Gunung Colo (508)  Sulawesi

Gunung Banua Wuhu Sulawesi

Gunung Ruang Sulawesi

Gunung Karangetang Sulawesi




For extensive information on Volcanoes all over the world check out the website for the Smithsonian Institutes Global Volcanism Program































































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Sunrise over Gunung Merapi


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